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8-10 Seasonal Produce Items 

Fresh Bread / Cheese / Eggs

Specialty Items

Plus, Add On More Local Delights


Customer Reviews

Testimonial from Ali

I look forward to the farm box surprise every week! I love cooking with new vegetables, experimenting with new recipes, and finding goodies each we...

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Testimonial from Sabina

We are thrilled to get noticeably tastier, fresher foods sourced more locally (cutting down on long-range fuel inefficient big-ag food supply sourc...

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Testimonial from Gail

"We've outsourced to you improving our moral choices in the food system, and the pickup/delivery barrier. It was right in a sweet spot for what we ...

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The Illuminate Food Blog

9/1 Farm Box

9/1 Farm Box

Red Radish from Dagele Brothers Produce, NY  Green Kale from Landisville, NJ  Red Bell Pepper from Sunny Harvest, PA Candy Onion from Eagle Road ...

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