Testimonial from Sabina

We are thrilled to get noticeably tastier, fresher foods sourced more locally (cutting down on long-range fuel inefficient big-ag food supply sources is a plus). We love the variety of foods in each week’s box as they work together to create whole meals, not just the veggie portion of the meal. The accompanying recipes are fun to try and the broccoli quinoa salad is a keeper that I’ve made multiple times and have shared with numerous friends. Getting the box weekly has allowed us to need many fewer groceries when we do head out to the supermarket, and that feels great as popping in and out of stores as quickly as possible at this time was a goal. I am also hopeful that your service is helping the smaller producers and farmers in the area to stay afloat in these uncertain times.  Stewardship of the land, conscientious practices, and an emphasis on quality is aligned perfectly with our vision of how we want to eat, nourishing not just the body but the heart and mind, too.
We eagerly look forward to our weekly box and love creating satisfying and delicious meals each week.