10/26 Farm Box

Fingerling potatoes from Eagle Road Produce in Pennsylvania. Fingerling potatoes are small, stubby, long potatoes, They are commonly either halved and roasted in a side dish or used for salads. Storage: Store in a cool, dark, dry place (not the refrigerator, it’s too cold) and they’ll be good for a couple weeks. Don’t store next to onions. 

Honeycrisp apples from Weaver's Orchard in Pennsylvania. Honeycrisp are sweet, juicy, crisp apples. Chef Leigh Friend at Maplewood Wheelhouse suggested this variety to pair with the Raclette. Storage: Store apples in the refrigerator, and they will last 6-8 weeks. Comparatively, apples typically last less than a week at room temperature before they lose their crispness.

Cornichons sourced by Maplewood Wheelhouse. Storage: Pickles that have been continuously refrigerated will generally stay at best quality for about 1 year.

Watermelon radishes from Sunny Harvest Cooperative in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Mild, almost sweet, colorful-on-the-inside radish. Excellent for slicing and dipping in your favorite salad dressing. Storage: Radishes will keep in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks. 

Carrots from City Green Farm, a nonprofit farming and gardening organization in Clifton. These carrots will come without tops. Storage: Carrots can be submerged in water in the fridge for several months. Alternatively, store in a plastic bag in the fridge for about two weeks.

Broccoli rabe from Landisville Produce Cooperative in New Jersey. Broccoli rabe is a hearty green veg, with tender leaves and buds, and bitter stems. Really good sautéed with lots of garlic and olive oil. Storage: Store unwashed in the fridge, wrapped in plastic. Try to use it within a day or two, though it keeps for up to a week.

Boston lettuce from Landisville Produce Cooperative in New Jersey. Storage: Don’t wash it until you’re ready to eat it. Will last 3-5 days in the fridge.

Delicata squash from Sunny Harvest Cooperative in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Small squash, thin, edible skin and sweet flesh. Storage: Delicata will last 2 to 3 months if stored in a cool dry place. You can also prep it ahead of time - slice, dice, or cut it into rings and they’ll last a week in the fridge.

Apple cider donuts from Love Apple Farm in Ghent, New York. Made from scratch every morning in their farm bakery. Storage: The donuts have a 4-day shelf life if refrigerated. 

Baguette from Choc O Pain in Jersey City and Hoboken. Storage: For best moisture retention, slice bread from the center out, rather than from one end. Store in a bag, with the two cut halves facing each other and pressed together. If you need to store it for more than a few days, slice up single-day portions and freeze. King Arthur Baking Company has additional tips.

Reading, a Raclette-style cheese, from Spring Brook Farm Cheese in Vermont. Sourced by Maplewood Wheelhouse

Pastured eggs from Hazelman Farms in West Millord, NJ. Storage: Eggs may be refrigerated three to five weeks from the day they are placed in the refrigerator. The "Sell-By" date will usually expire during that length of time, but the eggs will be perfectly safe to use.