12.2 Farm Box

Napa Cabbage from Landisville Produce, NJ
Garlic and Red Fingerling from Dagele Brothers Produce, NY
Shiitake Mushrooms from Kennett Square Specialties, PA
Broccoli Crowns and Carrots from Phillips Farm, NJ
Yuzu from Bhumi Growers, NJ
Smokehouse Apples from Weaver's Orchard, PA
Chili Oil, Eggplant, and Noodles from Asian Veggies, 
Spicy Greens from Radicle Farms, NY
Cheese from Calkins Creamery, PA
Milk from Five Acre Farms 
Eggs from Alderfer Eggs
Baguette from Choc O Pain Bakery, NJ

Miso Eggplant with Chili Oil Noodles