4/28 Farm Box

Bok Choy and Fingerling Potatoes from Dagele Brothers Produce South, NY

Seedless Cucumbers from Mill Creek, NJ

Asparagus from Sheppard Farm, NJ

Spring Mix from Radicle Farm, NY

Spring Garlic from Eagle Road Produce, PA

Matsu Apples from Hudson Harvest, NY

Radishes from Landisville Produce, NJ

Parsley from Vannini Farms, NJ

 1 Year Cheddar Cheese from Grafton, VT


 3 Year Cheddar from McAdams, Upstate NY

Granola from Bumble and Butter

Foccacia from Planted Eats, NJ 

Eggs from Hazelman Farms, NJ

Milk from Five Acres Farm, NY