Keepwell Vinegar


Merlot vinegar: Merlot wine, but taken all the way. Potential fulfilled, if you will. A bigger, drier, winier, fruitier, grape-ier red wine vinegar than you’ve every had in your life. Make the best greek salad you’ve ever tasted with our merlot vinegar.

Wildflower honey vinegar: The arc of honey vinegar is one of our great sweet subtle pleasures. Our mead solution begins its life excruciatingly sweet. We ferment it to a full sour, but as it ages in a barrel, the sweet aroma begins to slowly work itself back in. We never add any honey back in, but the vinegar balances itself out as it matures.
Honey vinegar is a wonderful candidate to make pickled mustard seeds, excellent vinaigrettes, and vinegar pie!

Black garlic vinegar: Creamy white garlic bulbs are the energy stores for the plant to survive the winter; once we turn them into black garlic, their sugars are caramelized and become available to the yeast. They are ready to become wine, and let us tell you - it’s pretty unusual wine! Fortunately for all of us, it becomes delicious vinegar.
Use black garlic vinegar anywhere you are ready for the powerful and heady flavor of black garlic!

Celery leaf vinegar: Cutting leaf celery never really grows a stalk, just hearty stems and leaves. It’s prized here in Pennsylvania because traditional communities that subsist on their own agriculture can grow it in high tunnels and use it for celery flavor all year round. We love it for the flavor it gives our vinegar; green and herbal, but sweet and tawny. This celery ends up coming through a bit hearty, like the flavor of celery seed. This vinegar is wonderful in a simple shrub, if you’ve ever heard of celery soda, and gives a decidedly savory edge to stewed dishes, like poulet au vinaigre.

Heirloom tomato vinegar: This is one of the purest expressions of our connection to farmers. In late August, our growers (and all of their neighbors) have many more tomatoes than they can sell. That’s where we come in. Every year, we buy thousands of pounds of local & organic heirloom tomatoes at the very peak of the season, and smash them into wine tanks. Eventually, they become a delicious vinegar that tastes like a very ripe tomato and a green tomato all at once. This vinegar is a chef favorite - throw it at just about anything you’d eat with tomatoes, from salad to bloody marys to pickles to BLT’s. Just don’t make it too complicated, this one’s great just splashed on!

Viognier vinegar: Viognier, as a wine, is known for sweet aromas, even when the quaff itself is bone-dry. Our viognier vinegar, similarly, smells of fruitcake, dried fruit, and sweet citrus, although its acid is powerful and the sugar’s all gone. This is white wine vinegar, but like, deep. The grapes are grown by Cascia Vineyards, on Kent Island in the Chesapeake; the water gives these grapes a few extra weeks to grow, which they require to develop their flavor. Use the viognier as a true cooking vinegar; deglaze a pan with it!

375 mL / 12.68 fl oz.

Please note, bottles are marked “Refrigerate After Opening”. The vinegar will never spoil at room temperature, but the probiotics it contains will create a raft that floats in the bottle. Please keep the vinegar in cold storage to avoid the inconvenience.