Vegan Multigrain Sourdough English Muffins from Dam Good English Muffins


With a name inspired by the New Croton Dam in Cortlandt, New York, these Dam Good™ English Muffins are "Handmade for Goodness Sake!"

These have a mild sourdough aroma and taste. After being cut, and cold-fermented overnight, the muffins are then griddled like pancakes, making each one different.

When toasted, they have a crispy outside and chewy inside. Dam Good™ English Muffins suggests using them for burgers, Benedicts, breakfast sandwiches, melts, pizzas, toasts or simply with butters, spreads or jam. 

Four muffins per 12-ounce bag. Frozen.


Dam Good™ English Muffins is a Woman-Owned, family-operated wholesale bakery that has been in business for 4 years. They started with a New York State home processing license, and were baking out of their home in Croton. They've since moved the business to Peekskill, NY where they had a stint in a restaurant basement, followed by moving into a new 2,250 sq. ft. production facility at 2 John Walsh Blvd.