SATURDAY: 10am-5pm
SUNDAY: 10am-3pm

During the pandemic, we heard through the grapevine that COMPASS, the real estate broker, was looking for a business with whom to partner. They wanted an already-established local company to come join them in occupying their new space at 113 Grove Street, and we’re proud to say that Illuminate Food is that business. 

We feel that Montclair, a town committed to eating local (as demonstrated by the success of the Farmer’s Market!), is a perfect location for us to set up our first physical location. It’s our outlet to connect you with not only local produce, but also the best of all local partners and providers, in a way that is manageable, convenient, and accessible.


    1. This one is pretty self-explanatory: you walk in. Come visit us anytime and grab your local staples: pasta, sauces, milk, cheese, condiments, shelf-stable sweets, plus limited seasonal produce and prepared foods. You will be able to chat with an Illuminate Educator in the store to get inspired, asking for recommendations on how best to use what’s in season and what’s in the store for dinner, and you’ll be able to get one of our flexible weekly recipes (more on this below), with a guideline on how to put together ingredients found in the shop. 
    2. Join our Illuminate Supper Club. When we said yes to this opportunity, we knew that we wanted to be accessible, because we believe that everyone should be able to eat well. But we also knew that in order to keep our prices reasonable, we’d have to get creative. We’d need the support of our community. Enter: Illuminate’s Supper Club. 

      The model is as follows: Co-Op (community input and guidance) meets Patreon (opting in when you want content) meets a European market (buying fresh cheese and bread on your way home to eat that evening, not to stockpile).

      Our Supper Club will be an opportunity to: connect with your community; to educate each other on eating and cooking seasonal, local food; and to access tips and tricks that streamline getting healthy food on the table for your family. And just like with your New York Times cooking app or your news source of choice, if you want the content, you need to opt in.

      tarts at $15/month, and here's what it includes

      3 Weekly Flexible Recipe Cards to help you get dinner on the table quickly. These will have a shopping list featuring local specialty items as well as a story, and will leave room for seasonality plus what we happen to have on hand (i.e. "insert local root veggie here"). Shop smart and reduce waste by accessing this helpful "map," plus customize your meals to your tastes.

      Ability to Preorder your favorite local meat, poultry, and seafood as well delightful baked goods and sandwiches from local vendors like Le French Dad. You’ll then be able to pick up these goods in the shop on an assigned day.

      Entry to our online Supper Club Community, where you can share experiences of home cooking, communicate directly with Illuminate Educators, and eventually maybe how-to videos.

      Entry to exciting Monthly Events. These are TBD currently, but will include the likes of cooking classes, home-chef inspiration and cook books, in-store tastings, and educational events with local makers and farmers. 

If you're passionate about what we do and want to be a core Illuminate supporter, we strongly encourage you to join The Club.