Danielle, Founder

Danielle began delivering local produce right at the start of the pandemic when she had to abruptly cancel her long awaited trip to India. Danielle has always been passionate about how things are made and moved around the world (technical term: supply chains) and turned her attention to agriculture in 2018. Danielle took a month-long road trip across the U.S. in 2020, visiting all types of farms and knew she wanted to focus on helping educate people on where their food comes from. Illuminate began as a simple idea to deliver produce, but with the amazing people she's met, its turned into much more! Hobbies: Danielle is passionate about laying in the sun, dancing and speaking Spanish. Favorite produce or meal to make: "I love to make 'party salads'', give me some crunchy lettuce and I'll add whatever I can to make it colorful and fun. I also love to make soups all winter long, especially with coconut milk. 

Nicole, Partner

Nicole ate fast food nearly every day (sometimes breakfast and dinner!) of her life until she was 18 years old. When she moved out on her own, she decided cooking would be a fun challenge – a challenge that, over time, would connect her to her late grandmother. Grandma Pauline, a widow, cooked only once in a while – but it was always the most delicious meal. Her specialty was beef stroganoff. 

Nicole cooks to connect herself to those she loves. Food is love. Local food is special, and mostly exceptional. Nicole has always worked for corporations, and the pandemic opened her eyes to the vital importance of small businesses in our economy. Farmers are vital to our survival. Nicole strives to connect people to their food, their farmers, and help support our community. Hobbies: Cooking, baking. Favorite produce or meal to make: Salad. "My very favorite salad is a nice crunchy romaine with tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, peppers, etc., croutons, plus whatever dressing I have on hand. I also really love the magic of a whole roasted chicken for dinner."

 Shayna, Marketing Manager


Shayna leads our marketing efforts, writes copy for our website and emails, helps with customer success, and more! Shayna has been working with Illuminate Food since October 2020. Hobbies: “My husband Joe and I love all things food and fitness – we both really enjoy cooking as well as any kind of exercise you can imagine. I'm also really into anything artistic – I've gotten really into calligraphy in the last few years, and you may have seen some of my graphics on our farmer's market chalkboards and other items of the like!” Favorite produce or meal to make: “There's a veggie curry recipe I make whenever I'm in a pinch but also to impress vegetarian friends, since it seems fancy but is actually quite easy. Chickpeas, good quality basil and tomatoes, and either store-bought curry paste or your own homemade version are the secret.”


Danielle, Graphic Designer

Danielle has been working with Illuminate Food since May 2021. Hobbies: “I enjoy playing sports, more specifically playing soccer, swimming and diving. I also enjoy photography, traveling and trying new cuisines while hanging out with my family and friends.” Favorite produce or meal to make: “I have several favorite meals I like to make. While I am at college my go to is pesto parmesan salmon and chicken pesto panini (I am a pesto fan). When I am home and have more time I like to make homemade pasta or pizza with the fam.” 

Nancy, Driver Extraordinaire

Nancy has been with Illuminate since the early days when driving for us was the only reason to leave the house in quarantine. Nancy has lived a fascinating life so I recommend cornering her next time you see her. In her words, she love to take things apart to see how they work, storytelling and making new things (other than dinner.) When it comes to cooking, Nancy loves to eat cheese and raw vegetables the most and she has a new found love for celeriac, a veggie she learned about through Illuminate!