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Snow Peas and Tuscan Kale from Eagle Road Produce, PA

Tomatoes from Sunhaven Farm, NJ

Broccoli and Garlic Scapes from Sunny Harvest, PA

Beets from Vannini Farm, NJ

Cabbage, Red and Kohlrabi from Landisville Produce, NJ

Gold Zucchini from Phillips Farm, NJ

Blueberries from Blueberry Bill, NJ

Scallions from Dagele Brothers, NJ

Halloumi Cheese and Dates from Nouri Brothers

Quinoa from SIMPLI

All Natural Ketchup from Catskills Provisions

Milk from Five Acre Farms

Eggs from Alderfer Eggs

Burger Buns from Liv's Bread, Millburn, NJ