Donation to Soul Fire Farm - Ending Racism and Injustice in Our Food System


White Silence is White Violence. I believe these words to be true and in the midst of a pandemic, starting my own business and trying to support local farmers, I cannot be out on the streets where I should be. After thinking it through this morning, I feel my responsibility is to fight against racism in the food system, because even when you think you are doing good work, you may be missing things. 

I learned about Soul Fire Farm a couple years ago, whose main mission is to end racism and injustice in our food system. Not only do they grow food to distribute to marginalized communities, they are also training the future generations of Black and Brown farmers.

"Black farmers currently operate around 1% of the nation’s farms, having lost over 12 million acres to USDA discrimination, racist violence, and legal trickery. 85% of the people working the land in the US are Latinx migrant workers, yet only 2.5% of farms are owned and operated by Latinxs. People of color are disproportionately likely to live under food apartheid and suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and other diet related illness. Labor laws continue to permit the exploitation of farm and food workers."

To my community who has been supporting me and local NJ farmers, let's extend our reach a bit further and push for not only a more local and environmentally sustainable food system, but one that is racially just as well. 

Read more about Soul Fire and watch a short intro video of Founder, Leah Penniman here.