Ruby Sauerkraut from Hawthorne Valley Ferments


Wild fermented organic cabbage, onion, garlic, and bay leaves come together to make a bright and savory kraut for perfect for piling onto sandwiches and salads or using as a garnish for your favorite dishes. This probiotic food is a great way to boost both flavor and gut health at the same time!

16 ounce jar


Hawthorne Valley has been making fermented foods for the past 20 years. They believe in healthy soil, healthy people and a healthy planet. Gut health is linked to immune support, boosted energy, and promotes positive brain and mood functions - the power of fermented foods.

Hawthorne Valley uses a traditional process called Wild Fermentation that preserves nutrients and vitamins, while creating rich probiotics and beneficial enzymes. More than 95% of the vegetables used in their ferments are sourced in the New York region from farms that are focused on organic, regenerative agriculture.