Tom's Perfect 10 Granola


Try our first ever 'perfect 10'-rated granola!

Ginger Zing is made with ginger-infused maple syrup, delightfully blended with candied ginger, almonds, pecans and a light touch of black pepper. This is a pert, perky (and exceptionally crunchy) pick-me-up of a granola.

After thousands of reviews, Ginger Zing is our first granola to have achieved 'perfect 10' status! 

10 ounces


Introducing Classicour next ‘perfect 10’ granola. I first created this flavor in honor of turning forty—a classic granola for a classic age. 

Made with chocolate and cherries from Michigan, pistachio and walnuts from California, golden raisins from the Sun Belt with additional notes of cinnamon, dark brown sugar and sea salt—this is my spin on the quintessential granola recipe that you know and love.

I was inspired by my favorite rock anthems, kitschy 80s movies, and winding road trips in vintage cars to make a wholesome, all-American granola.

10 ounces